07/11/2013 - Southeast Asia from the Perspective of Humanities

The Metropolitan University Prague held an international workshop under the RESAREAS project (The Cooperation Network for Research of the Non-European Areas) on November 7th, 2013. The event organized by the Department of Asian Studies was entitled Asia from the Perspective of Humanities and set to examine Southeast Asia from cultural, historical, literary as well as anthropological perspectives and was also thematically linked to an international conference held the following day.

Marta Zatloukalová (Charles University in Prague) spoke about the beginnings of women’s movement in colonial Vietnam. The issues of tradition and modernity in Vietnamese literature were examined by Mária Strašáková (Metropolitan University Prague) who discussed the depiction of women in Nhat Linh’s novels. Ian Caldwell (University of Leeds) then presented on Alexander Dalrymple, an 18th century geographer and intellectual, and his contributions to Southeast Asian scholarship. The final speech was given by Tomáš Petrů (Metropolitan University Prague) who chose to elaborate on the various inter-ethnic relations in Malaysia and issues surrounding the topic.

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