14/05/2013 - Transnational Migration in the Americas

IRES and Iberoamerican center (IAC) of Metropolitan University Prague organized the next round of expert debates concering the region of the Americas.

This round table discussion was aiming to give a general framework of current trends concerning people’s cross-border mobility in the region of the Americas. The discussion highlighted the process of recent dramatic transformations: as of 2011, for the first time in six decades, the migratory traffic from Latin America to the US experienced a steep decline.

  • What are the current trends concerning transnational migration from Latin America to the US?
  • How does the American dream look like to a Mexican small farmer?
  • What realities are shaping the current immigration debate in the United States?

The roundtable with the interventions of Kateřina Březinová, head of IAC of the Metropolitan University Prague, and José López, Metropolitan University Prague.

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