12/12/2012 - MUP's Iberoamerican Center: First meeting with students

On December 2012, a group of MUP's students from Latin America and all those interested in Latin American affairs gathered so as to discuss their ideas concerning future activities of the Iberoamerican center of the Metropolitan University in Prague. The director of the center, Kateřina Březinová, Ph.D. presented a strategy of the center for the year 2013. Second, she opened up an informal discussion with students to see what their suggestions were.

With a strong presence of international students from TEC de Monterrey university (Mexico), as well as those Czech students who studied in this part of the world, specific proposals were identified, such as organizing Film sessions as part of the Iberoamerican Center's activities and tapping on those students interested in a closer cooperation with MUP's Iberoamerican center for any future activities.