23/04/2022 - 24/04/2022 - LibertyCon Europe 2022

European Students For Liberty will host its annual event to highlight the ideas of a liberty in the areas of philosophy, economics, law, and technology. In addition to other LibertyCon speakers, you can also look forward to professor Josef Šíma, head of the International Business department. LibertyCon Europe is the largest pro-liberty gathering in Europe aimed to educate and empower liberty-minded individuals around a shared vision of a “freer future”.

This event will cover topics of Tech Liberty, Free Society, Role of Government, and many more!

On April 23, the programming will be hosted at the Cubex Centre, consisting of keynote sessions, panel discussions, various debates, and Liberty Fair – the exhibition of the pro-liberty organizations from all around the world. On April 24, the conference will transform into the festival at Radlická Kulturní Sportovna, capturing film screenings, games, open discussions, with a great opportunity for networking. LibertyCon 2022 will be the first and the largest pro-liberty gathering in Europe since restrictions were raised all over the world, giving a great chance for our community of Europe to gather together again.

More about the event: www.libertycon.net