06/12/2016 - The Syrian Refugee Crisis: A Failure of the EU's Comprehensive Approach to Security?

Center for Security Studies and the Department of International Relations and European Studies cordially invite you to attend a public seminar on research methods by our postdoc fellow Dr. Evans Fanoulis.

WHEN: Tuesday, 6 December 2016, 17:00-18:30

WHERE: MUP Strašnice building, Dubečská 900/10, Prague 10, Room no. 305

This talk examines whether the EU has made use of the whole spectrum of the comprehensive approach in order to cope with the Syrian crisis and the Syrian refugee crisis, arguing that this has not been the case. It presents the latest institutional developments with regard to the EU's comprehensive approach to security and takes notice of its so far implementation. It examines the EU's reaction to the crisis in Syria and to the resultant refugee crisis, assessing to what extent they can be seen as part of the EU's comprehensive approach to security. The concluding remarks will revisit the argument and check whether the current political realities in Europe's neighbourhood may dictate a new wave of institutional modifications so that the EU's comprehensive approach to security be more effective in the context of EU foreign policy.